Couples therapy, personal consultation, relationship check up, mediation, teambuilding

Consultations in our office or online.

All sessions can also be booked in German.

couples therapy, personal consultation, relationship check up, mediation, teambuilding

Consultations in our office or online.

All sessions can also be booked in German.

Couples therapy

90 minutes 150 € (VAT incl.)

We accompany couples as a couple, we are both with you all the way. Like this, we want to guarantee that each of you will be heard and understood. Together, we will find out what moves you, what your goals are and where you can go from where you are – together or individually.

We believe that a conflict does not only absorb energy, it can also free it. Things that paralyse you today could enthuse you tomorrow. The goal is clarity and once it is achieved, we can find solutions that are more than a mere compromise. Quality of life and energy should improve for both parties.

If you want to see us without your partner, we’re also there for you. Quite often it makes sense to use both formats. Sometimes, the situation calls for the intimacy of a personal counselling, sometimes the confrontation of both partners is essential to understand the dynamic of the situation. 

Personal counselling / coaching

60 minutes 100 € (VAT incl.)

What is the core of the conflict? How do I approach it? How do I get out of it? What are my next steps? How do I overcome my fear?

In a personal counselling session we will provide the necessary tools, ideas and approaches to prepare you for the next conflict or argument.

A personal counselling is a good approach when your partner is not willing to participate in a therapy or mediation or you need to find out for yourself how to handle an ongoing conflict. 

Relationship-check für lovers

60 minutes 100 € (VAT incl.)

Our relationship-check or communicatin toolbox is for lovers, friends and anyone who’s making plans together.

We offer a comprehensive course in non-violent communication: often, it doesn’t matter so much what you say, but how you say it.

We’ll use these 60 minutes to give you some insight into the topics: expressing your needs, listening and understanding your partner and how to manage your relationship in stressful times.

We provide some insights into non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg and a selection of our favourite interventions. We want you to enjoy the effortlesness you have in your relationship now for many years to come. 


Costs depending on severity and complexity of the situation

Our goal is a win-win solution. We believe in the power of conflict and want to use the energy that is set free in an argument to reach a solution that is satisfactory for all parties involved.

Mediation can can be a useful tool in many situations – every time when you’re stuck in a conflict and you’ve reached a dead end.

We mediate. We help. We support. We are impartial.

Mediation is an extrajudicial method of conflict resolution. It saves time and money.

We adhere to the standards of the official German mediation society, the Bundesverband Mediation e.V. 

Intensive weekends, team sessions and more

Individual packages for teams, couples and individuals

We offer entire weekends, team building or team conflict sessions, team mediations or communication workshops, storytelling, and physical presence workshops in our offices or at your company. Please get in touch.

Preliminary talk

around 15 minutes, free of charge

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. In a phone or video call that doesn’t commit you to anything and that’s free of charge we will find out if we click and if our approach fits your situation. If it dies, we’ll find a date and start working right away.

Get in touch

Where and how?

Sesions in our office in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg or online

In our experience, sustainable counselling needs several sessions. The scope depends on your situation and the dynamic of the conversation. Sessions should not be spaced to far apart (one to three weeks max).

You will only pay the sessions that are necessary to clarify your situation. The costs for counselling or mediation are a useful investment in a more fulfilling an less stressful daily live.

If you’re unable to take an appointment we’ll try fo find a new date. You can do this up to 48 hours prior to the appointment free of charge, if you cancel your appointment later we will have to charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed fee.

All sessions can also be held online.